Mask Me

Everyone wears masks to hide their secrets. Some will destroy you.

The playground of the rich and kinky. Behind its doors lay the secrets of DC’s most powerful and elite. At the heart of the club is proprietor and house dominatrix, Alexandra-but all is not what it seems on the surface. 

On the surface Atlas Devereaux is a no nonsense hardworking writer and managing partner at the PR firm, McKenzie Kingston, Ltd. Successful, sexy and strong, yet underneath it all she longs to just be able to let it all go. Will the desire to feed her needs cost her everything? 

When Samantha Kingston persuades Atlas to attend this years hottest gala, what should be an evening of fun and glamour suddenly tilts the moment when she meets Reece Gabriel. In a twist of events, Atlas must face everything she hides behind the mask. But secrets have a way of coming out.

MASK Frame-2.png

Welcome to the luxurious Empyrean club,
where whips and chains excite, and secrets are everywhere.

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