Master Me

Jillian knew she was looking for love in all the wrong places.  With a string of failed relationships , she was sure she was destine to end up alone.    When her best friend Samantha suggests she join her at a high end BDSM club, Jillian knew this was going to be just another disaster. 


When a knight in a black tight t-shirt rescues her from match-making gone bad, possibilities seem to suddenly appear.   Right up to the point he announces he was looking for a slave not a girlfriend.


Ian Breckenridge doesn't need to work at the Empyrean club, it's a simple welcome distraction from the family business.   There's nothing there for him.  He wants to play to hard, be too strict and his needs always far outstrip what his partner is willing to offer.


When his path crosses with the alluring Jillian, he can't seem to get her out of his mind- no matter how incompatible they seem.

Can the pain of the past be left behind for the pleasure of a future?

Welcome to the luxurious Empyrean club, where whips and chains excite, and secrets are everywhere.


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