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Reveal Me (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

Reveal Me (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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Atlas Devereaux is on the run after Edmund threatened every she held dear, but you can't run away forever.  Now she must face the life she left behind and the man who change her world.  Can he keep her safe? More importantly, will Reece ever forgive her when he learns of her past?  


Reece Gabriel is devastated after Atlas revealed she was a professional dominant.  Now she's missing and no one's heard from her in weeks.  If he gets the call, is he strong enough to face her hidden past?

  • Reader Alert

    Reveal Me is the continuation of Atlas' story and ends in a cliffhanger. Submit to Me does not continue the specific storyline of Atlas, but is essential for a better depth of story.

  • Dark Themes Alert

    • Dominance
    • Submission
    • Bondage
    • Corporal
    • Punishment 
    • Stabbing
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