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Lexus is a woman in control, her life as a ballerina demanding discipline and perfection. But when she is drawn into a sensual world at the Art Estate by her benefactor, she finds herself challenged in ways that go beyond the dance. Here, discipline and control take on new meanings, pushing Lexus to become a better dancer and a better version of herself.


As Lexus explores this provocative new world, she realizes that the pleasure she experiences is unlike anything she's ever felt before. Every touch, every sensation sends her spiraling towards new heights. But as she delves deeper into this world of mystery and intrigue, Lexus questions whether she's truly in control of her own destiny. The line between reality and illusion becomes blurred, and Lexus struggles to reconcile her newfound desires with the person she used to be.


With her benefactor pushing her boundaries and her body responding in ways she never imagined, Lexus must navigate a complex web of emotions and uncertainties. 


Will she find the true release she craves, or will her journey lead her to a darker place?

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