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About the Author

Dear Gentle (and not so gentle) Reader, 


Welcome. Thank you for visiting, exploring the worlds of dominance and submission.


THANK YOU for reading! The words are not enough to express my deepest appreciation. I hope you love the characters and their worlds as much as I do. The appreciation and gratitude of your kind words in a review, for just a moment of your time, would mean so much to me. That moment in time can work wonders, and I am forever grateful for yours.


If you haven’t indulged yet, please do soon.   

Sappharia is an erotic romance writer who loves to spin hot steamy tales of power dynamic relationships. Living in the DC metropolitan area and loves to share her experiences and knowledge with those new to the concepts and explore even deeper concepts in the exploration of long-term relationships.


The world is full of perfect imperfections and obvious subtleties. It is in this vein of oxymorons that I write all the worlds. The Romantically hard sadist, or the strong independent woman who craves to submit. The small moments which seem to be nothing at the moment that lead to new perspectives. Through it all, I want to leave my readers breathless and wanting more.  


All her stories are fictitious, even when they feel so real. They celebrate the wonderful difference and contradictions which make each person so interesting in their unique experiences.

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