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Today, we are privileged to have many great pieces of Renaissance art to enjoy Historically, many of these great works only exist because of powerful patrons. 

A patron supports artists of all forms, with money, gifts, efforts, and endorsements. In the past, this position was reserved for the wealthiest members of society. Under the Roman Empire, they applied this term to persons, like Maecenas, who supported the renowned artists and writers of the time.

Today, writers work hard to connect directly with their audience. I want to get to know you as you want to read my work. The relationship is so important to me because I want to know that what I am doing is enriching the lives of others. Your support helps buy the caffeine that I magically turn into stories. 

In this modern Renaissance of the arts, crowd funding is moving this relationship into the hands of the masses. Just like the relationship between the writer and audience. Often, there’s little support for a writer if they aren’t traditionally published or seeking publication by gatekeepers who choose what readers want to read based on profit alone.


Supporting a writer means offering continuous support as they create their work without the daily pressures of life. It gives them a way to give back, more often and more directly. Love my work and want to support it as a Patreon?




I look forward to giving you more content, more stories and more up-close interactions with the characters and their worlds.

Thank you in advance — this isn't possible without your amazing support.

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