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Wow!!! Absolutely incredible journey...that is just beginning. No writer has ever made me feel so vulnerable, shattered, protective, educated, informed and remade whole like you. Truly. I absolutely adore your Lexus, and your ability to accurately portray every facet of a professional arts performer’s life was extraordinary as no one truly understands us except for other professional performers.

After a devastating injury shatters her ballet dreams, Lexus Davenport is desperate to find a way back to the life she lost. Struggling to make ends meet, she responds to a mysterious ad offering $10K to take part in an experiment for two weeks, and soon finds herself plunged into a dangerous game with intimate undertones. Lexus is stripped of her identity and subjected to a series of increasingly intense challenges, pushing her limits in ways she never imagined.


When the experiment is over, Lexus returns to her former life, only to discover that her medical bills and living expenses have been anonymously covered, allowing her to heal and return to her dream as a dancer. But when her anonymous benefactor reappears a year later with an irresistible offer, Lexus is once again thrust into a world of dark temptation.

Forced to confront the darkness within herself and grapple with the consequences of her choices, Lexus is at the mercy of those who have plunged her into this new world. As tensions rise and the stakes get higher, she must navigate a complex web of emotions and uncertainties. But as she delves deeper into this provocative world, she realizes that the pleasure she experiences is unlike anything she's ever felt before.


With her benefactor pushing her boundaries and her body responding in ways she never imagined, Lexus must question whether she's truly in control of her own destiny. As Lexus's desires and fears collide, she must make a choice that could change her life forever. But is it a choice she's willing to make?

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