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Superb Story - Amazon Review

The writing is exquisite, and the relationships are the point, and though the sex is integral. If you are looking for a quick “pump & dump” story, this is not it.

Dare to indulge in the forbidden at the Empyrean Club.

Welcome to the Empyrean Club, where masks hide more than just faces.

Atlas Devereaux is a woman with two lives. By day, she's a successful writer and PR executive. By night, she's the owner of a luxurious club, where she explores her deepest desires. But when a stranger steals a kiss through her mask at a gala, Atlas risks exposure of her secret life. She soon finds herself navigating a dangerous tightrope as she tries to balance both worlds.

In Master Me, Dr. Jillian Hart is a skilled counselor who struggles to keep her own love life sizzling. When she meets CEO Ian Breckenridge, a chivalrous club security guard, she's hesitant to explore her submissive desires. Ian craves to deeply lead, but finds himself ill-matched for the whip-smart woman he's saved from unwanted attention. Together, they navigate the dangerous waters of a power exchange relationship.

In Reveal Me, Atlas Devereaux is on the run from a scorned obsessive capable of heinous acts. Strapped for cash, she's forced to return to the one place she never wanted to be again, and face her former Master, Reece Gabriel. Reece is livid after being left in the lurch, but when he tracks Atlas down, he learns a shocking truth.

In Submit to Me, former Ranger Thomas "Kade" Kinkaid must take charge of the Empyrean Club's high-end business after the mistress walks away. When a blood-soaked knife is plunged into the establishment's door, Kade must team up with up-and-coming cop Jessica Lawson to uncover the truth.

In Play with Me, Atlas Devereaux and Reece Gabriel must confront the consequences of Atlas's past choices as a sinister threat resurfaces. With danger and uncertainty surrounding them, they must revisit their shared intimate desires and enlist the help of old friends. Will their love be strong enough to survive the game of passion and power?

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