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He does something to me.

He has cut away the layers of my hiding spot.

He found me.

From the moment I met him in person, I knew he would. I knew he was probably the only one who could.

He opens my mind so much he pulls some of the darkest desires out.

He frightens me or I'm frightened by what he brings out in me.

This is exactly what I asked him to do. Isn't it?

I fear the freedom as much as I love it.


All I want to do is go deeper into his world.

Welcome to the Empyrean Club, where masks hide more than just faces. I must face the harsh truth that my two worlds are about to collide, and the consequences could be deadly. Will I be able to outwit my stalker and keep myself and those I love safe, or will my past decisions come back to haunt me in the most dangerous way possible?

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