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I absolutely loved this book! The book was extremely well written (with some typos) and the language was rich and descriptive. The main characters were well developed and I honestly cared about them. It is a pleasure to get kink and romance and mystery all in one book.

When hidden desires meet danger, trust becomes a dangerous game.


Dr. Jillian Hart is a highly skilled counselor who has spent her career helping others navigate their complex emotional lives. But when it comes to her own love life, she's at a loss. That is until her friend Samantha convinces her to step out of her comfort zone and attend the exclusive Empyrean Club, a secretive establishment where hidden desires and passions run rampant.


At the club, Jillian meets Ian Breckenridge, the chivalrous security guard who's drawn to Jillian's intelligence and beauty. Despite their mutual attraction, Ian struggles to take charge of the whip-smart woman he's saved from unwanted attention, the way he truly wants.. Together, they navigate the dangerous waters of a power dynamic that threatens to consume them both, all while exploring the dark corners of their own desires.

But as they explore their hidden desires, their professional and personal lives collide, and they find themselves in the middle of a dangerous game where secrets, lust, and power are the ultimate currency. Can they keep their passions a secret, or will their desires be exposed to the world?


As their relationship grows more intense, Jillian and Ian must navigate the treacherous waters of love, power, and desire in a world where trust is a dangerous game. Will they be able to keep their desires hidden and find their true selves, or will their passions destroy everything they've worked for?

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