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Loved the storyline and the characters are stunning as usual. Great sex scenes and intrigue as well. Can't wait for book 4.

Atlas is failing apart her world is crumbling. Her love life is in shambles. Where do we go when we have nowhere else? HOME. Atlas returns to her roots. Here we get a look at her training by Domminick. He is demanding. His punishments are swift and severe. Her support system takes on different roles.

Choices have consequences. Atlas Devereaux is about to face hers.

Atlas Devereaux thought she could escape her dangerous obsession by running away, but now she’s facing a cash crunch and struggling to keep her secrets hidden. To secure her future, she must return to the place she once called home and confront the consequences of her choices. But the man she once obeyed completely still holds power over her, and she must turn to him for help.

When Reece discovers a shocking truth about Atlas, he’s torn between forgiving her and letting it destroy them both. With a better understanding of why she ran, he’s desperate to know if their spark was only a one-sided or prelude to deceit. But when he tracks her down to deliver a word of warning, he may not be able to handle her shocking truth.

As they grapple with their past, a new danger emerges: Atlas’ stalker may have found her. Together, they race to a Caribbean island hoping to evade her vengeful stalker, and Reece must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of the woman he thought he knew.

With their lives on the line, Reece is determined to keep Atlas safe and help her set things right. But can they evade the stalker and keep Atlas’ secrets buried, or will everything she holds dear be destroyed?

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