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Edge of Your Seat Page Turner - Amazon Review
Unique - This storyline is so unique in having the multiple personas of the main character. I love her...all 3 of her! I'm anxious to see how things are resolved with Reece who's an amazing dom. I'm very understanding that he feels betrayed...Hoping he will come around. And Edmund? I hope he ends up wearing cement shoes in the bottom of the Potomac. I'm anxious to get started on the next book. 

I had my world well balanced, at least from the outside. That is, until Reece Gabriel turned my life upside down with a stolen kiss at a masked gala.

But when a spurned client's obsession turns dangerous and I start receiving blue roses with threatening notes, I realize that my carefully crafted life is unraveling at the seams. Despite my fears, I keep the stalking a secret from everyone, unsure how to keep those in my world safe without my past choices coming back to haunt me.

As the stalker's messages become more sinister by the day, I question if the masks I wear are enough to protect me from the dangers lurking in the shadows. I try to keep both of my worlds from colliding, but with each passing moment, it feels like an impossible task.

Welcome to the Empyrean Club, where masks hide more than just faces. I must face the harsh truth that my two worlds are about to collide, and the consequences could be deadly. Will I be able to outwit my stalker and keep myself and those I love safe, or will my past decisions come back to haunt me in the most dangerous way possible?

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