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Very enjoyable continuation of the series. Interesting dynamic described between the detective and the submissive male Kade. It does make me wonder about the reality of the lifestyle. Looking forward to the conclusion in the next book. Highly recommended.

In a world of power and desire, trust is a dangerous game.

Thomas "Kade" Kinkaid thought he had left danger behind when he left the Rangers, but when he's tasked with taking charge of the Empyrean Club, he realizes he's jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. When the mistress of the club disappears, Kade must step up and run the high-end establishment. But when a blood-soaked knife is plunged into the club's door, Kade knows he's in over his head.

Desperate for help, Kade turns to up-and-coming cop Jessica Lawson. Together, they race to uncover the truth behind the attack before it's too late. As they delve deeper into the seedy underbelly of the city, Kade finds himself drawn to Jessica's strength and determination. He senses something in her, a dominant energy that he can't resist.

As Kade tries to pull out the leader inside Jessica, they grow closer and the chemistry between them ignites. But when their search for the truth takes a dangerous turn, they must decide whether to trust each other completely or risk everything in a game where power and desire blur the lines of trust.

Will Kade and Jessica's dangerous attraction lead them to the truth, or will it tear them apart and put everything they've worked for in jeopardy?

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