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Each book of this collection has been a pleasure to read. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen in the next book. The depth of characters, a dance of many background stories; and the entire plot was stunning. Play With Me is wonderful. I look forward to reading more from this author.

A battle for love and survival in a world of secrets.

Atlas Devereaux thought she had left her past behind when she found love and security with Reece Gabriel, but now her questionable choices have come back to haunt her. A sinister threat from a secret society she thought she had escaped forces her to confront the consequences of her decisions. With Reece by her side, they must navigate through danger and uncertainty, revisiting their shared intimate desires and enlisting the help of old friends.

Reece is committed to keeping Atlas safe, even if it means making drastic changes to his own life. But as they play a dangerous game of passion and power, they wonder if their love is strong enough to withstand the fallout of Atlas's past choices. Can they build a future together or will the weight of the responsibility and power Atlas fears be too much to bear? In the thrilling conclusion of their story, the question remains: will their love be enough to conquer all?

As Atlas and Reece face a future that is both complicated and secret, they must fight to preserve the bond that binds them. The secrets she's kept hidden are finally catching up with her, as Atlas confronts the possibility of becoming the Regent she never wanted to be. The looming threat from the secret society that seeks to control her life puts their love to the test. Will they be able to navigate the treacherous waters of this society while also fighting to preserve the love they share?

Now, Atlas and Reece are in a battle for their lives and their love. As the darkness threatens to consume them both, they must fight to preserve the bond that binds them. Will their love be enough to conquer all, or will the consequences of Atlas's past choices tear them apart?

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