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Lexus Davenport is a talented ballerina, but she was barely making ends meet. At the end of her rope, she signed up for a two-week experiment 10K. She thought it was a temporary solution to her financial woes. But then she received support from a mysterious patron, and it looked like her world was back on track. Little does she know, the experiment was only the beginning.


Captivated by Lexus’s talent and beauty, the man behind the anonymous patron reveals himself and pushes her back into a world she thought was a distant memory of desperation. But as Lexus delves deeper into his world, she must walk a fine line between pleasure and pain, love and obsession that overwhelms her. As the stakes get higher, the risks greater, and Lexus must learn to navigate her own desires and the demands of her new situation. 


As Lexus struggles to maintain her grip on reality, she realizes that the consequences of her choices are more profound than she ever imagined. 


Will she be able to handle the risks of this new world, or will she lose everything she’s ever wanted?

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