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An Exquisite Agony (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

An Exquisite Agony (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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After a mere two weeks, Lexus Davenport experienced a whole new world and with more money than she'd every had in her life. Now that her prayers were answered, would her perfect world be a dream or was knowing there was something more be her perfect nightmare? And could she pay the price for another taste? 

  • The Exquisite Collection Reading order

    Lexus Davenport is about to jump off the deep end after an intriguing ad promising a risky experience and enough money to keep her life moving pops up. Is the experience worth the risk?

    Welcome to Mind Games, where the mind is a beautiful thing and not everything is what it seems.

    Mind Games: The Exquisite Collection

    The Exquisite Collection Reading order:

    • An Exquisite Experiment
    • An Exquisite Agony
    • An Exquisite Pleasure
    • His Exquisite Control

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