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Submit to Me (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

Submit to Me (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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Former Ranger Thomas “Kade” Kinkaid would rather die under a strong leader than be forced to assume command. But when the Empyrean Club’s mistress walks away, the ripped security chief has no choice but to take charge of the high-end BDSM business. And after a blood-soaked knife is plunged into the establishment’s door, he can’t convince the stunning policewoman that it’s a simple prank when she suspects foul play.


Up-and-coming cop Jessica Lawson is tired of being looked down on. Refusing to lie back and submit, the five-foot-four firecracker demands respect whether she’s cuffing or kissing. So when the kinky investigation pits her against a muscled wall of soldier, she knows the only way they’ll see eye-to-eye is to bring him to his knees.


Though Kade can’t stop beating himself up over the disappearance of his deviant boss, only dropping his rough exterior will allow him to give in to long-hidden desires. And Jessica battles being distracted by the arresting sight of Kade’s haunted eyes… and what she would force him to watch her do.


Can they get on each other’s level and tie down a powerful love?

  • Reader Alert

    Submit to Me does not continue the specific storyline of Atlas, but is essential for a better depth of story.

  • Dark Themes Alert

    • Dominance
    • Submission
    • Bondage 
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