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The Atlas Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

The Atlas Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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  • Mask Me
  • Master Me
  • Reveal Me
  • Submit to Me
  • Play with Me


Mask Me (Book Description)


An evening of fun and glamour. A domain of whips and chains. Will she buckle under her client’s firm grip?


Atlas Devereaux is used to being tangled up in work. Balancing her writing career and PR company partnership with a super-secret alter ego running her luxury club, she’s about ready to burst. But when a friend surprises her with tickets to the year’s hottest gala, the powerful stranger stealing a kiss through her mask leaves her desperate for a second taste.


Shocked, Atlas risks total exposure of her sexy double-life when the man from the party hires her for PR without knowing he’s already brushed her lips. And though giving in to his control frees her from the weight of both jobs, a spurned client’s obsessive stalking threatens to smash her split worlds into a deadly collision.


Can the woman with two faces walk a dangerous tightrope to freedom?


Master Me (Book Description)


She heals clients. He moves money. When he chains her up, can she tie him down?


Dr. Jillian Hart can read anybody like a book. But her counseling expertise doesn’t help fix her own struggles with keeping her love life red-hot. And she’s hesitant to reenter the world of kink, despite her desire to submit to the chivalrous BDSM club security guard looking for total control.


CEO Ian Breckenridge loves how his persona shifts when he sheds his suit and dons his black club t-shirt. So when the Empyrean Club’s owner falls off the map, he’s more than happy to lend a hand as a welcome distraction from his business.


Though he craves to totally dominate, it makes him ill-matched for the whip-smart woman he saved from unwanted attention.  Still he hungers to teach her with his firm touch.


Even though she’s sure her new mentor has no explicit interest in anything serious, Jillian can’t escape the tightening grip of her attraction to his strong guidance. And although Ian fears his needs are too much for anyone to truly accept, he can’t hide his growing feelings when someone slips drugs into the gorgeous doctor’s drink.


Will his powerful leadership save her from danger and make her beg for more?


Reveal Me (Book Description)


She swore she’d never go back. He knows she’s frantic. Can they counter a dangerous menace and rekindle their fiery passion?


Atlas Devereaux is intent on removing her loved ones from harm’s way. Still on the run from a scorned obsessive capable of heinous acts, she feels the consequences of her past are fast closing in. But strapped for cash, she’s forced to return to the one place she never wanted to be again… and prepare for a painful lecture from the scholar she once called Master.


Reece Gabriel is livid after being left in the lurch. With the woman he risked everything for running out to yield to another man’s mastery, he’s desperate to know if their spark was only a one-sided prelude to deceit. But when he tracks her down to deliver a word of warning, he may not be able to handle her shocking truth.


With no time to explain her side of the dark story, Atlas races off with Reece to a Caribbean island in hopes of evading her vengeful stalker. And he must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of the woman he thought he knew, when they receive news of her foe’s ominous club-door threat…


Can they cut themselves free from a deadly history and submit to a passionate paradise?


Submit to Me (Book Description)


He’s chained to his duties. She holds the key. Can they clear up a bloody crime and lock up a lifetime of passion?


Former Ranger Thomas “Kade” Kinkaid would rather die under a strong leader than be forced to assume command. But when the Empyrean Club’s mistress walks away, the ripped security chief has no choice but to take charge of the high-end BDSM business. And after a blood-soaked knife is plunged into the establishment’s door, he can’t convince the stunning policewoman that it’s a simple prank when she suspects foul play.


Up-and-coming cop Jessica Lawson is tired of being looked down on. Refusing to lie back and submit, the five-foot-four firecracker demands respect whether she’s cuffing or kissing. So when the kinky investigation pits her against a muscled wall of soldier, she knows the only way they’ll see eye-to-eye is to bring him to his knees.


Though Kade can’t stop beating himself up over the disappearance of his deviant boss, only dropping his rough exterior will allow him to give in to long-hidden desires. And Jessica battles being distracted by the arresting sight of Kade’s haunted eyes… and what she would force him to watch her do.


Can they get on each other’s level and tie down a powerful love?


Play with Me (Book Description)


Not everything in life is what it seems.   When battles are your only options, walking through fire may be your only way back home. The conclusion of Reece and Atlas' story.

  • Reader Alert

    Mask Me ends in a hard cliffhanger. Master Me does not continue the specific storyline of Atlas, but is essential for a better depth of story. Reveal Me is the continuation of Atlas' story and ends in a cliffhanger. Submit to Me does not continue the specific storyline of Atlas, but is essential for a better depth of story. Play with Me is the continuation of Reece and Atlas’ story.

  • Dark Themes Alert

    • Stalking 
    • Dominance
    • Submission
    • Rope Play
    • Bondage
    • Control
    • Drugging
    • Corporal Punishment 
    • Stabbing
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