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The Exquisite Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

The Exquisite Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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  • An Exquisite Experiment
  • An Exquisite Agony
  • An Exquisite Pleasure
  • His Exquisite Control



An Exquisite Experiment (Book Description)


The ad was intriguing. The money was an incentive.  Consent was promised.  The only risk- was playing with her mind.  What would you risk to experience a whole different world?



An Exquisite Agony (Book Description)


After a mere two weeks, Lexus Davenport experienced a whole new world and with more money than she'd every had in her life. Now that her prayers were answered, would her perfect world be a dream or was knowing there was something more be her perfect nightmare? And could she pay the price for another taste?


An Exquisite Pleasure (Book Description)


Where is the line between agony and pleasure? Lexus Davenport bet everything to dive into the deep end of this unknown world. For weeks she's experienced agony in many forms, at the hand of Estate. Now, sitting on the edge of it all, will her new contract bring a new perspective? Will she embrace her alternative path to pleasure or will pain be her only relief?


His Exquisite Control (Book Description)


Lexus' world was turned upside down. As she embraces a life she didn't know could exist, can she live under Mr. Andrews' exquisite control or will failure cost everything she thinks she wants in life?

  • The Exquisite Collection Reading Order

    Lexus Davenport is about to jump off the deep end after an intriguing ad promising a risky experience and enough money to keep her life moving pops up. Is the experience worth the risk?

    Welcome to Mind Games, where the mind is a beautiful thing and not everything is what it seems.

    Mind Games: The Exquisite Collection 


    The Exquisite Collection Reading order: 

    • An Exquisite Experiment
    • An Exquisite Agony
    • An Exquisite Pleasure
    • His Exquisite Control


    What to read next? 

    Welcome to the Empyrean Club, a place where you can explore your wildest dreams. Join us for an ever entangling saga of intrigue, passion and romance.

  • Dark Themes Alert

    • Dominance
    • Submission
    • Control
    • Consensual Non-Consent
    • Anal Play
    • Corporal Punishment

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