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His Toy is Going Deeper (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

His Toy is Going Deeper (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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Katelyn's Journal Entry


He does something to me. He has cut away the layers of my hiding spots. He found me.

From the moment I met him in person, I knew he would. I knew he was probably the only one who could.


He opens my mind so much he pulls some of the darkest desires out. Does he frighten me or am I frightened by what he brings out in me?


This is exactly what I asked him to do. Isn't it? I fear the freedom as much as I love it.


If I step deeper into his world- will I survive?

  • His Toy Collection Reading order

    Dr. Jacob White (from Master Me) is about to ensnare the mind of the lovely Katelyn Bates, but she must be a willing participant in their steamy adventures. When she falls under his spell, a whole new world opens before her.

    Welcome to Mind Games, where the mind is a beautiful thing and not everything is what it seems.

    Mind Games: His Toy Collection

    His Toy Collection Reading order: 

    • Becoming His Toy 
    • The Weekend 
    • Going Deeper
    • Trusting Him

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