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His Toy Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

His Toy Collection Omnibus (Special "signed" eBook Edition)

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  • Becoming His Toy
  • His Toy for the Weekend
  • His Toy is Going Deeper
  • His Toy is Trusting Him



Becoming His Toy (Book Description)


Katelyn Bates life was boring, until the night her friend, Justine, convinced her to go to a special kind of get together.  What harm is there in meeting new people who have a unique perspective on the world?


Jacob White is a world-class hypnotherapist and psychologist with a twist. In his personal life he loves to put women under erotic trances. When he sees Katelyn from across the room he's hooked. She is responsive to his the words he weaves and he can't get enough of her. Does she dare risk her own mind to find the height of satisfaction?



His Toy for the Weekend (Book Description)


Katelyn Bates lived a boring life, until she met Jacob White, the world-class hypnotherapist and psychologist who can enthrall her mind, letting him in on her darkest secrets. 


In Becoming His Toy, she let him into her mind until he played her body like an instrument, now, is she ready for more? 


Jacob loves the way he can push Katelyn into the dark recesses of her mind, letting him see her fantasies as she opens and surrenders to him. But what happens when he pushes further, demanding she suffer for him over an intense weekend?



His Toy Going Deeper (Book Description)


He does something to me. He has cut away the layers of my hiding spots. He found me. 


From the moment I met him in person, I knew he would. I knew he was probably the only one who could. 


He opens my mind so much he pulls some of the darkest desires out. Does he frighten me or am I frightened by what he brings out in me. 


This is exactly what I asked him to do. Isn't it? I fear the freedom as much as I love it.



His Toy is Trusting Him (Book Description)


At every turn Jacob has pushed me.  His words mesmerize me and his path guides me to opening embrace my hidden desires to be on display.  At every turn he brings me pleasure, but now he's asking for my life.  Can I trust him enough to step into the abyss?  More importantly, if I do - will I survive or is all a mind game?

  • His Toy Collection Reading Order

    Dr. Jacob White (from Master Me) is about to ensnare the mind of the lovely Katelyn Bates, but she must be a willing participant in their steamy adventures. When she falls under his spell, a whole new world opens before her.

    Welcome to Mind Games, where the mind is a beautiful thing and not everything is what it seems.

    Mind Games: His Toy Collection

    His Toy Collection Reading order: 

    • Becoming His Toy 
    • The Weekend 
    • Going Deeper
    • Trusting Him

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